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4 Ways Thought Leadership Articles Differ From Content Marketing

Content marketing is an extremely effective way to build your business, increase sales and achieve the trust of your audience. Essentially, content marketing is a very strategic marketing approach where you deliver consistent and relevant content to a clearly-defined audience in return driving profitable customer actions. Most businesses from multi-billion dollar corporations all the way […]

Three Ways to Avoid the Messy Transactions

  I recently spoke with Jim Davidson, CPA, CFF, CM&AA, CFE, president and managing partner of Avant Advisory Group, a firm that specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions as one of its core practice areas. Davidson gave us some great advice about how to avoid “messy” transactions and be confident in your company’s ability to close […]

What is a thought leader and why should you be one?

Just as there are different definitions for “success”, there are different ways to look at thought leadership. If you’ve never heard of the term “thought leader”, the basic terminology could be defined as someone who recognizes themselves as an expert or authority in a selected area of specialization and thus becomes the go-to person for […]

Linking Customer Satisfaction Measurement to Financial Performance

One of the main benefits of Customer Satisfaction research is provided through the capability to observe trends on indicators that are directly tied to financial performance.  Companies can use ongoing measurement as an early warning system to monitor and detect drops in performance and to determine how to take corrective action.  When performance is stable […]

Components of a Reliable Customer Satisfaction Program

One of the primary indicators of successful business performance is Customer Satisfaction Measurement.  Companies benefit from listening to their customers and taking notice of what they say about their strengths and weaknesses.  It is not enough to just hear what customers are saying.  Companies need to be able to understand the composition of their customer […]

How Fit is your Factory?

In an ongoing effort to highlight companies that are implementing innovative solutions that increase efficiency, I recently spoke with Dennis Cocco, owner and founder of 10in6, a software company that offers a unique manufacturing solution that will increase a plant’s efficiency by 10% in just six months. Like the abundance of people who say they […]

Meet the AGROBOT

Solving food shortage problems is a worldwide predicament without a universal answer. One company is working its way towards a solution, using technology to decrease the labor needs of farms, allowing for more produce to be grown, picked and delivered without impacting heavily on the farm’s ROI. Using innovative techniques for farming, Agrobot is growing […]

How to make the “false positives” go away for better lead generation results

In an interview with Peter Ostrow, President and CEO at <a href=”http://bit.ly/2kiDt0x”>TCI Marketing Services</a>, we learned that the secret to their success is based on delivering consistently better results than the competition. They achieve this by focusing on building and integrating into the process the right technology – one that can do many jobs. By […]